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15.05.2009 13:05preliminary exif support
I implemented preliminary Exif-Support with libexif

You can test the new changes through the svn repository's trunk. Look at the Downloads-Section. Use 'nmrename -h' for help on exif-based renaming.

Here's what's supported so far:

-exif [PATTERN] : New Pathnames will be replaced by PATTERN.

  PATTERN can have the following keywords:
    %Y: year
    %M: month
    %D: day
    %h: hour
    %m: minute
    %s: second

    %o: original filename

13.08.2008 23:36nmrename 0.1 released!
The first version of nmrename was released!!!

You can get it from the sourceforge project page. For a full feature list look at the documentation.

17.03.2008 23:08Website release
First website release. It's obviously not done because there is no content. But I first wanted to write my tiny cms script which handles news and pages. So content will come soon.